We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe SSL

DigiCert works with the world’s top brands
to secure innovation.

How We Started

Our founders started DigiCert out of frustration for how time consuming and painful it was to buy a simple SSL certificate. What should have been a smooth process always seemed to become a hassle. Worst of all, the customer service agents—who were supposed to ease the burden—were making the experience even worse. So, in 2003, our founders started DigiCert with the belief that internet security could be human and easy.

Securing Tomorrow’s Innovation

Advances in technology are causing consumers greater concern over privacy and security. Concern that’s been validated by both large-scale data breaches, like Equifax, and other demonstrations, like the WPA2 vulnerability. We’re combating these attacks by working with top brands to secure their leading-edge web and IoT innovations.

Securing the World’s Top Brands

We serve thousands of organizations across the globe, spanning various industries such as technology, industrial, and healthcare, including the majority of the Fortune 100.

Industry-Leading Support

If you have questions about any of our solutions (or need help with a certificate you purchased somewhere else) our award-winning support staff is happy to help any time of day or night.